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What others say about Orthopaedia

"The high quality, durable specialist spring design chair, with it's fully adjustable range of settings, was in my opinion, superior to any design I have previously encountered and I was impressed with the ease of comfort, adaptability and competetive prices. In my opinion, I feel that, if consulted, I would highly recommend Orthopaedia chairs to any member of staff or line manager because I feel that they fully address the key areas in providing vital support"
G.D - Occupational Health Advisor

“A number of staff over the years have required bespoke chairs tailored to address individual back conditions. We have found that the Orthopaedia range provided by TCI Seating Ltd to represent the best value and quality for supportive chairs, so much so that we have now purchased 24-hour operator chairs for each member of the call-centre staff.”
Support services Manager, NHS - Bedford

“I had suffered for some months with pain at the base of my spine and within a day of sitting on my new Orthoppaedia chair the pain went and has not returned in almost a year. It is also more comfortable as it is sprung and so in hot weather it does not become too hot.”
Orthopaedia user, JL - Huntingdon

“As an Occupational Health Adviser I have seen and tried many of the operator chairs on the market and indeed continue to do so. None has yet surpassed your “Orthopaedia”. It’s sprung seat which springs back and never loses its shape, therefore retaining its supportive qualities even when a few years old; the back support continues to ensure good posture; the fabric wears well and is of a very high quality and the adjustments are very user friendly.
Since I started using one of your “Orthopaedia” chairs 4 years ago, I do not suffer with backache anymore. Long may you continue to make them. Thank you.”
Helen H, Director – Occupational Health Services

"Your products are really special, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody. I simply could not work without your Ortho 6. I think your products are great."
Orthopaedia user, AT - Dover
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