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Understanding the 6 models in the chair range is simple: Models 1-3 are for users less than 5' 7" tall whilst models 4-6 are for those that are 5' 7" or taller. Models 1 & 4 have no arms, 2 & 5 have fixed arms and 3 & 6 have height adjustable foldaway arms. So in summary there are two chairs in the range with your height determining which is appropriate, then the only variations relate to "arms". Any of the range is available as a 24H model for intensive or multi-shift usage.

  • Only orthopaedic quality coil springs are used - 15 in the seat and a further 18 in the back.
  • Orthopaedia seats reduce and probably more importantly, equalise pressure on the sciatic nerve, sacroilliac joints and the pelvic girdle, three of the most common causes of back pain in sedentary workers other than injury.
  • With normal movement in the chair, the coil springs gently massage the whole back, increasing blood flow and giving complete support which reduces strain and therefore, pain.
  • The coil springs allow air to circulate underneath the seat and back assemblies. This is particularly beneficial during hot weather when excessive heat can generate discomfort and perspiration.
  • The preferred seating position is with the seat slightly tilted forward, allowing the hips to be a little higher than the knees. Try to keep your feet flat on the floor and avoid folding them away under the chair which can restrict blood circulation behind your knees.
  • All our chairs are supplied with easy to follow instructions. All the adjustments of the chair can be made whilst sitting in the chair.
  • The durability of the springs takes away the concerns of foam quality and support. The springs encourage good posture by body weight distribution and discourage leaning to the side. Most office chairs are weight rated to 16 st. Orthopaedia fitted with standard coil springs are rated to 20 st. Coil Plus up to 30 st.
  • The chair can be supplied in a wide range of fabric or leather colours and even your own corporate material.
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